The LA Cabin

I was contacted by this couple in Topanga Canyon, California with an idea for a fun project. Permanently mounted on a trailer for convenient mobility, we used all beetle killed and recycled lumber to construct this cabin. The exterior was stained with an all natural vinegar and steel wool mix. The windows were salvaged out of a variety of buildings. It was fully equipped with water, power and sewer including composting toilet, a very unique bathroom  sink, instantaneous hot water heater, and a nice sleeping loft. The kitchen contains an energy efficient washing machine, a propane stove and oven, a small refrigerator/ freezer unit and counter tops made of reclaimed douglas fir beams. Price range for this type of cabin is between $35,000 – $40,000.

In fact, we recently had a write up about this cabin here:

The Cortez Cabin

Built in Pagosa Springs and then delivered to Cortez, Colorado, this basic cabin exemplifies sustainable living. Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, we used local milled logs obtained from beetle killed timber from a fire mitigation project. This cabin is fully equipped with a very efficient solar system providing them with all power needed as well as high density foam in the ceiling. Also has a Jotul wood stove to keep warm on the coldest nights. Price range for this type of cabin is between $15,000 – $20,000.

The Workshop Cabin

This small custom cabin was milled out of the same beetle killed timber used on the Cortez Cabin. This workshop is a great option for living in a small space yet having the place for your “toys” and any projects you want to work on. As you can see in some of the photographs, my job supervisor was completely covered in sawdust. Price range for this type of cabin is between $8,000 – $12,000.

The Local Cabin

One of our largest cabins built to date, The Local Cabin is 14’ x 23’ and is made from dead standing timber logs in the Pagosa Springs area. This one bedroom home features granite countertops, copper sink and backsplash, and an antique, caboose train wood stove inside. The front steps were made from old fence posts and the front door is stain glass with antique bronze hinges. Price range for this type of cabin is between $25,000 – $30,000.

Jalopy Cabins built, delivered and installed this vacation home within four months. The owner is now enjoying their back country getaway!

The Ski Hut

This small home is 10’x16’ plus a 6’ porch and is made from logs that came off our local Wolf Creek Ski area during their clean up of the slopes. The logs were brought to our site where we hand peeled and constructed them.

All roofing was salvaged from an older house along with the rafters. The door was salvaged, repainted and given new life with a working door knob. All new insulation was used in the ceiling and floor to help with energy efficiency and the cabin was wired for electricity. Price range for this type of cabin is between $18,000 – $25,000.

Santa Fe Cabin

The Santa Fe cabin was built specifically for a gentleman, that was looking for a tiny house to put on his property south of Santa Fe, NM. He spends a lot of weekends there exploring and hiking and wanted a place to relax in after a long day of being outside. The small cabin also offers great shelter from less than ideal weather.

Working with the client, we built a custom door for him and a custom cabinet that is about 40 inches tall due to his height (he’s about 6’6″!!) – standard vanity height is 32 inches. More importantly we worked with him to ensure that window placement was just right, so he would have great views from the site he had already prepared.

He also provided us with the lumber for the cabinet as well as the sink and the hardware for the front door. All items were purchased for his main home years ago and never used. We love to recycle or repurpose things here at Jalopy Cabin so that worked out perfectly!

The cabin is wired for electricity even though there is currently no power at the site. Someday he plans on running the cabin on solar and there is a great storage area for the batteries built in under the porch area.

Since the cabin was built on a trailer it was easy to haul from our location in Colorado to New Mexico and if he ever decides he wants a different view on his property, it will be as simple as hooking it up and going to the next location!

If you have any more questions about his cabin or would like one that is similar, please contact us! Price range for this type of cabin is between $15,000 – $20,000.




This was a unique project that a client approached us with and we were more than happy to take on! He wanted a self contained place where he could take a nice warm shower since his small vacation cabin didn’t have that feature. After talking with him, receiving some basic plans and the shipment of the poly tank and a few other items, Wolf, our builder was ready to begin!

The bathhouse is insulated and also has a small mechanical room off the back that houses a small instantaneous water heater, a tank for water and a pump to work the whole system.

The siding is all reclaimed wood and many of the fixtures, such as the hinges and handles on the door, were also reclaimed/salvaged. It was a fun project and below are some photos from start to finish. Price range for this type of cabin is between $5,000 – $10,000.



D-Log Cabin

Each Jalopy Cabin is unique and no two are the same due to the materials that are available at the time of construction. The current cabin available was constructed out of logs.

This cabin is 140 square feet and can easily be moved on a flat bed trailer. It is wired for electric and plumbing could be added if you desired. To give you an idea of what can fit into a 140sq feet there is currently a wood stove, queen size bed, beaureau, counter with cabinets and drawers, a small cook stove and refrigerator*! The current layout of the cabin would make it ideal for an office, art studio or a guest cabin.

If you wanted more floor space or to turn this into a full time residence, a sleeping loft would a simple solution to allow for more space for a toilet and shower.

If you need more information and for pricing on modifications please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Price range for this type of cabin is between $10,000 – $15,000.

*None of these items are included in purchase price